Monday, 12 September 2011

Save Me Book Contributions

As you may know we are working towards a book of Save Me, both as a reflection of our 11-day performance during Mayfest, but also, as a continuation of our exploration of distance, separation and struggled conversations. 

 An integral part of the original 11-day project was the participation of bystanders who wrote of their own sense of separation and what they would like to say to people they are apart from.  As a continuation of that, we are looking for people who could take their own ideas on this subject a little further. 

 We are looking for people to reflect upon an instance or an event that really brings to light feelings of separation and the struggles loved-ones have in keeping in contact over distance.  This could be an event or a circumstance that is very personal to you, or it could be a story of others that resonates or/and moves you.  We are inviting a few people to write about this in any way they like, at any length they like: it could be fifty words or several hundred – whatever it is, we will do our very best to include it in our book. 

We have a very tight deadline and want to try and gather these by next Monday 19th September, really can be something very small but we are interested in the idea of having other voices in the book. 

 Do let us know whether you feel able to contribute…..

Book Launch at Arnolfini, Bristol 
Saturday 22nd October 2011 6.30pm