Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Growing Old With You

We are currently working on a new performance project titled Growing Old With You.

Project Description

"Age, to those who have not quite reached it yet, is another country” Sue Hubbard

Growing Old With You is a life long performance project which attempts to document lived experience in real time. Starting in 2010 and for every 5 (or so) years for the rest of their lives Search Party will create a performance exploring ideas of age, duality and accumulation. The project uses the lives and experiences of a range of participants of all ages to create each performance. Search Party will repeat the process with the same participants every 5 (or so) years, creating a new performance each time. Over the course of a life time we hope to create a series of works in which we, the work, the participants and the audience all grow old together.

Search Party are interested in the emotive act of exposing the intimate aspects of their own aging process and its irrevocable link with the audiences’. The 21st century has been dubbed the Century of Ageing. By 2050 more than 1 in 5 of us will be over 60. For the first time in human history there will be more over 60s than children under 15. Search Party are interested in the process of aging not simply as a march towards death but as a celebration of a life fully lived. The body becoming a map, a terrain charting its lived history. Working with participants who will provide a landscape of age and experience and with a growing awareness of the demographic change taking place, Search Party will provoke the audience into confronting the inevitability of their own aging process, asking questions about the limitations of this temporal existence.

The project is in its early stages and is currently the focus of an ACE funded period of R&D. During the R&D we are hoping to interview a number of people of different ages with the view to them becoming participants in the project as it moves forward. Check out our diary for any any upcoming work in progress showings.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Search Party vs St Pancras on You Tube

Check out Search Party vs St Pancras on You Tube.
Recorded on Thursday 4th March 2010.